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    Saito Nagami: Leader of Team 21


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    Saito Nagami: Leader of Team 21 Empty Saito Nagami: Leader of Team 21

    Post  Admin Fri Sep 28, 2012 9:38 am

    Name- Saito Nagami
    Gender- Male
    Age- 20
    Height- 6'
    Weight- 145 lbs
    Hair Color- Black
    Eye Color missing
    Nation- Fire
    Village- The Village Hidden in the leaves
    Rank- Jounin
    Alignment- True Neutral
    Element- Mind, Darkness
    Bloodline/Special Ability- Chakra Sight
    Specialty- Genjutsu

    Saito Nagami: Leader of Team 21 Cloud_10

    Universe Origin: Naruto
    Faction: Nation Ninja
    Languages: Common, Fire, Water, Lightning, Wind

    STR- ★★
    DEX- ★★
    CON- ★★★
    INT- ★★★★★★
    WIS- ★★★★★★★★
    CHA- ★★★★★★

    Genjutsu- ★★★★★★★★★★

    Distinct Jutsu
    Shinranshin no Jutsu - Mind Body Disturbance Technique
    Jigoku dakuiryujon haaku no Jutsu - Dark Illusion Grasp of Hell Jutsu (This Jutsu is considered forbidden and is a bloodline jutsu of Saito's family. It traps the target in a vision of being dragged to hell, however it also simutaniously seals them inside their own mind. This jutsu has claimed many lives, and is so horrifying that it has become forbidden)

    Elemental Ninjutsu
    Yami no ryu-jutsu - Dragon of Darkness Jutsu

    Kokuangyo no Jutsu - Bringer of Darkness Technique (effectively causes opponent to lose their eyesight)
    Hiraku Maindo no jutsu - Opening Mind Jutsu (Opens ooponents mind to revela their darkest secrets against their will)
    Kori Shinchuu no Jutsu - Sly Mind Affect Technique (causes target to travel in circles unaware of their location, this is a genjutsu ralrey noticed until it's too late)
    Kokohi no Jutsu - False Place Technique (Change the appearence of an object target may see)
    Dakumisuto Kuron no Jutsu - Dark Mist Clone Jutsu (Creates illusionary clones en masse. These clones cannot be hit as they are illusions however the user can match their movements to attack and make them appear real)
    Narakumi no Jutsu - Demonic Illusion • Hell Viewing Technique (Everything remains the same except for a vision that will play on the targets greatest fears)
    Utakata - Ephemeral (Traps target in a world of the illusionists making, only an outside source or an immense force of will can stop this. The target need simply look at the user to fall under this Jutsu)
    Magen: Kyoten chiten - Demonic illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth change (Analyzing the genjutsu trapping Saito, this jutsu reverses the genjutsu back upon it's user)

    Descritption- Saito's hand to hand fightingg style relies mostly on instinct. Using his opponents chakra as his way to see them, he can usually predict jutsu and attacks by their chakra's fluctuation, however he has little actual skill fighting hand to hand, and tends to avoid taijutsu confrontation.

    20 x Shuriken
    1 x Windmill Shuriken
    10 x Flash Bang Explosives
    1 x Knife

    Saito has a long history of being a trouble maker. He only became a Juonin on pure skill, not because of effort. He would constantly use his genjutsu to harrass and steal from people, even cheat on his tests, as he later admitted. However he also tended to use his genjutsu for more...interesting reasons. He was born with eyesight, but when he was younger on a mission they were gouged out. He's been legally blind ever since, however he has a family trait called chakra sight. Using an extra sensory skill Saito can still 'see' the chakra of the world and the chakra of each person, to navigate and fight.

    Saiito is a trouble maker, annoyance, and pervert. He is well know for all three. However he is still very capable and skilled, and he will take a situation seriously when need be. He does enjoy picking on his students, and he harrasses girls all the time, usually ending in a beating, usually using his blindness as an excuse to cup a feel.

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