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    Daichi Kudo

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    Nindo- "I will martyr myself before I will let my village be harmed. I will protect it as its shield"

    Name: Daichi Kudo
    Age: 14
    Height: 5,3 (he is pretty short)
    Weight: 112 lbs
    Gender: Male
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Beige (idk the color see image below)
    Skin Color: White


    Daichi Kudo Anime-10

    He has Beige hair in a style like below in image with a bit of bangs coming out in front of his bandana from the center of his hair line, brown eyes, and white skin. He wears alot of stuff on his head 1st being his bandana from being a leaf villaige ninja, 2nd being his round goggles that he uses when he does work which have a microscope function for detailing and seeing small objects, and 3rd being his blue hat which is under his bandana (see image below). he wears fingerless brown leather gloves with bands made of grey leather over the finger holes wrist and palm (with metal studs on the palm one) on the left side. He wears a fur lined leather coat over a sleeveless blue shirt. he wears leather belts that hold numorous tools and pouches with nuts bolts and screws. He wears brown pants and blue toeless shoes that everyone wears. (btw that is the way the walking bombs on his shoulder only the head and feet are more mechanical they are the fluffiest bombs to date lol)

    Universe of Origin: Naruto
    Species/Race: Human
    Nation- Fire
    Village- The Village Hidden in the leaves
    Rank- Genin
    Alignment- Lawful, Good
    Element- Steel (maybe)
    Bloodline/Special Ability- Metal Release Jutsu: Chakra Line
    Specialty- Trap Master, Spy, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu
    Languages: Common, Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Lightning
    Inventory: Daichi Kudo has a wide array of weapons and tools etc that he carries from his inventions parts all the way to his Blueprint Scrolls. He carries these in his massive backpack that is stuffed with items.

    1 x Backpack with many pockets
    21 x kunai
    10 x shuriken
    10 x smoke bombs
    Numourous Blueprint Scrolls in the backpack
    40 x Explosive Tags
    20 x Fake Explosive Tags
    10 x Sets of Makibishi
    20 x Nuts
    20 x Bolts
    20 x Screws
    1 x Screwdriver
    about 5 x Gauge/Chisel of various sizes
    1 x Hammer
    about 5 x Wrench of various sizes
    1 x Lighter or Blowtorch (whichever you will accept for the rp for my metal working)
    1 x Ruler
    His Goggles have a magnifying glass on them
    1 x Set Square
    1 x Watch
    1 x Trowel
    1 x Vial of Mercury Toxin with brush


    WISDOM: 6

    NPC/PETS: His various contraptions including his Walking Bomb Sheep and his Camera Birds, etc

    Ninjustsu- 6
    Taijutsu- 6
    Genjutsu- 0


    ((in terms of the numbers 1 means that he gets them at gennin 2 means he gets them at chunin, 3 means he gets them at jonin and 4 means he gets them at anbu.))

    General Jutsu

    1Bunshin no Jutsu [Clone Technique] (E Rank)
    1Henge no Jutsu [Transformation Technique] (E Rank)
    1Kakuremino no Jutsu [Self Hiding Technique] (E Rank)
    1Kawarimi no Jutsu [Substitution Technique] (E Rank)
    1Nawanuke no Jutsu [Rope Untying Skill] (E Rank)
    1One Thousand Years of Death (E Rank)
    1Suimen Hokou no Gyou [Art of Water Walking] (C rank)

    Ninjutsu/Summoning Jutsu

    1Metal Release Jutsu: Chakra Line - Daichi uses the Seal of Confrontation to send chakra to his constructs. He must have complete focus on this jutsu or be making hand seals for a new jutsu to continue moving his constructs thus making it so that he must always havd a seal ready at all times.

    1Metal Summoning Jutsu: Walking Sheep Bomb (C Rank) - Daichi would summon a robot sheep that ticks until it blows up on the enemy.

    1Metal Summoning Jutsu: Spy Bird (Flying Spy Cameras/ Relaying Messages) (C Rank) - Daichi would summon his Spy Birds whose wings are laced with Mercury poison and who can summon eggs that secrete an invisible gas version of the mercury poison. (can summon 1 of these each) They can peck at enemies as well.

    1Metal Summoning Jutsu: Bombing Droid (D Rank) - Daichi summons his Bombing Droid which can throw regular sized steam bombs like Daichi himself (can do this 10 times each) and throw a massive big steel bomb at the enemy. (can do this only once each) They can also use extendable hands to get to places they cant usually get to or to pull enemies away from Daichi.

    1Metal Summoning Jutsu: Walking Mine (D Rank) - Daichi would summons his Walking Mines that can dig itself under the ground and sneak up on enemies blowing up when an enemy steps nearby them.

    1Metal Summoning Jutsu: Battering Ram (C Rank) - Daichi would summon his Battering Rams who attack with their horns and mule kicks to protect Daichi.

    1Metal Summoning Jutsu: Assist Droid (C Rank) - Daichi would summon his Assist Droids which can repair other constructs, fire kuai's from out of their mouth, have a magnyfying glass, can spin their torso and can extend their hands to reach areas they could not before and to grab enemies off of Daichi

    2Metal Summoning Jutsu: Helicopter Bots (B Rank) - Daichi would summon his Helicopter Bots which can attack by blowing metal shrapnel in a machine gun spray

    2Metal Summoning Jutsu: Turret/Cannon (B Rank) - Daichi would summon either a turret which can attack by blowing metal shrapnel in a machine gun spray or a cannon which can attack by blasting a steel bomb at the enemy.

    3Metal Summoning Jutsu: Steam Golem (A Rank) - Daichi Would summon his armored Steam Golem which can deflect kunais, shurikens and similar items, is strong enough to break solid rock with its punches, can be given extra chakra to make a chakra barrier defending against the next couple of attacks, (causes extra steam to pour out) can be given chakra for extra speed and attack speed, (Causes extra steam to pour out) and can extend his hand to reach places he could not before and pull enemies away from Daichi.

    3Metal Summoning Jutsu: Flame Golem (A Rank) - Daichi would summon his armored Flame Golem which can deflect kunais, shurikens and similar items, can blast flames out of its 2 flamethrowers, can be given extra chakra to increase the size of the flames and to make the flame golem form flames from its body harming all who go near it, (causes extra steam to pour out) Can be given chakra to allow it to absorb any ninjutsu shot at it and convert it into energy to power it, (causes extra steam to pour out) and can fire flaming shurikens from his mid section.

    4Metal Summoning Jutsu: Steel Dirigible (S Rank) - Daichi would summon his Dirigible and enter it with 4 Droids as the weapons are used by them as Daichi powers them. The Machine is run by steam from a flame under the Dirigibles Balloon. Daichi needs 2 Assist Droids to run the Dirigible. The Dirigible has Canon Turrets and a place in the bottom of it where bombs are dropped. It moves forward by a propeller in the back of the ship. Daichi can summon more of his machines while in the Dirigible.

    4Metal Summoning Jutsu: Metal Dragon (S Rank) - Daichi would summon his greatest creation the Metal Dragon which can Bite people with its jaws, Rip people asunder with its claws, make gusts of wind with its wings, use the weapon on its tail to attack enemies, (See taijutsu Metal Dragon Collosal Tail Strike) breath balls of fire from its mouth by using the cannon in its mouth and pouring fire over a Big Bomb that is loaded, it can also fly in the air by using the team that it produces all over its body and using the canopy that is its wings to float on a cushin of steam, finally it produces a ton of steam enough to provide cover for Daichis allies.


    Description: Daichi relies on his tactics and weapons to take down enemies. He uses taijutsu through his constructs thus keeping himself safe. This style does not work if he has no constructs or none of the neccessary constructs out. Not used to dealing with close up opponents without his weapons. His non Ninjutsu abilities are mostly his weapon jutsu.

    Weapon Jutsu

    1Sheep Pile - He controls 8 of his Walking Bombs and sends them to jump onto his opponent at the same time. Once done Daichi blows up the bombs. (C Rank)

    1Swooping Flock Strike - Daichi Summons a flock of his Spy Birds and has them all swoop by his target with their bladed wings cutting them and leaving a toxin called Methylmercury (look it up cause that will be on all my blades) which causes mercury poisoning and eventually Minamata Disease (Look it up cause that will be my own personal poison) which causes slow death over days death. (C Rank)

    1Swooping Flock Carpet Bomb - Daichi Summons a flock of his Spy Birds and has them all swoop just above his target and drop their bombs that release mercury gas by opening the panels and making holes causing a cloud of mercury vapor that the enemy can't see. This causes Mercury Poisoning and eventually Minamata Disease if the enemy stays in the invisible cloud. (C Rank)

    1Ram Combination Strike - Daichi controls his rams to get behind the enemy and strike the enemy at the back shoulders by jumping on the target. He then controls them to attack the enemy multiple times by ramming past him/her and then get side by side in front of the enemy and ram themselves at the enemies torso for great damage. (C Rank)

    1Assist Droid Spin Cycle - Daichi controls his Assist Droids making 2 of them spin their torsos round and round like a top with their fists out. When they attack the enemy is hits with multiple strikes and is launched several feet away. (C Rank)

    1Assist Droid Trip Wire Strike - Daichi controls his Assist Droids making them extend their arms at each other and grab each others hand. He then has them run by the enemy tripping him with their wires which sets up an enemy for a kunai strike while they are down (C Rank)

    2Kunai Riccoshet - He sets up some of his Constructs by moving them into possition for the next strike. He would then throw another kunai bouncing it off of the Constructs and hitting his target in a weak point. (B Rank)

    2Made Ya Look - He throws 1 pre lit fake tag and then when the enemy dodges he throws several lit real ones on a kunais or shurikens to blow up while they dodged the fake tag. (B Rank)

    3Double Golem Falcon Punch - Daichi lures an enemy towards his golems in some way. He then uses Substitution or another method to get away and then control his Golems, readying their fists and punching in unison with great power normally in the face knocking the enemy flying. (Rank A)

    3Double Golem Uppercut - Daichi controls his Golems to charge at enemy and deal a monstrous uppercut to the enemys jaw launching them upward. This can be done as an attack or a defence should Daichi choose. (Rank A)

    4Metal Dragon Crushing Takedown - Daichi would control his Metal Dragon and have it fly up and crash down onto an enemy pinning and doing a bit of crushing damage. This causes the ground to shake from the impact thus making other nearby enemies and allies possibly fall down. The Metal Dragon would hold the enemy there until Daichi made it let go. Daichi can also command it to completely crush the enemy thus killing him/her.

    4Metal Dragon Colossal Tail Strike - Daichi would control his Metal Dragon and have it attack a group of enemies with his tail causing his enemies to fly backwards from the strike and creating a large gust of wind. The Metal Dragon would return to standing position after the attack. (Rank A)

    Strengths: He is a master of Summoning Jutsus that uses his own creation the Blueprint Jutsus which summon an object from his foundry and brings it to where he is at the time. He is also a brilliant tactician and will use his weapons to go defend him when needed and will use several set up moves to trick the opponent like throwing an fake tag and then throwing a real one when they dodge at the location they are dodging to for a quick explosion that will take out the enemy quickly.

    Weaknesses: He is mostly a ranged ninja and though he can use some close up weapons to protect himself it does prove difficult for him to defend himself from close up assaults without utalyzing escape tactics and wasting chakra, smoke bombs, etc. Also he is not very physycally strong so a hand to hand fight will outright get him killed if he has no weapons. Daichi constructs drain chakra over time as he powers them to move using chakra wires. Finally Daichi cannot move his constructs while using other attacks or summoning new constructs which can be a problem even with his vast array of constructs available as controlling them requires focus on The Chakra Lines which drain his Chakra over time. However when he finishes any given jutsu he is using the Seal Of Confrontation unless he is activating a bomb which he uses the Ram Seal. When Establishing a connection with his Constructs he always uses his Chakra Line Technique which has a predictable pattern of Hand Seals (Serpent, then Ram) When low on Chakra he cannot use his constructs anymore or only use a few of them to conserve chakra leaving him vulnerable.

    Personality: Daichi is a loyal friend and kind to others to a fault. He is very shy and not confident of his own skill. He will often try to reason with his enemy before resorting to violence. But if threatened or if the enemy threatens his ninja way then he will not stop until the enemy is dealt with even if killing his enemy is involved. He is always forced into manual labor for his grandpa which his father does not like and will help out his friends when they need it ex: dropping the price on an alarm clock that his friend needs. Finally Daichi is a scatter brain and will go out of his way to please his friends ex: one of his friends needs to have a furnace fixed. Daichi will miss his appointment with the hokage to help them fix the furnace.

    Biography: Daichi grew up in a society that had little ninja skills in it. His mother was the 1st in their family to show some ninja skill. Their mother was known as the Gorgeous Blade Of The Leaf Villaige who used a special kekki genkai called The Metal Release Jutsu that utilized melting metal down or drawing it from the earth and using it to strike the enemy down in creative way. Growing up with their mother (Ninja), father (Blacksmith) and grandpa (Merchant) they both dreamed of becoming ninjas like their mother and were taught basic jutsu by their mother. However one day tragedy struck and their mother fell ill and died in the winter. The 2 children were now without any mentor to become a ninja. Daichis brother used his mothers old books to learn the family trait but Daichi being unable to grasp the ability to use these jutsu was without hope. He was a genious with gadgets however and was able to make small metal toys that ran on clockwork gears or steam. His father had noticed that Daichi had been able to master all of the basic jutsu fairly easily but being unable to use any other jutsu he was not accepted for years. Daichi was devastated until his father would tell him "No one can do every jutsu. But I know you have the potential to become a great ninja. You may just need to do what your mother did and make your own jutsu. She just thought of something that she liked and thought of a way to execute it using her chakra. I have noticed that you are a brilliant boy and maybe your toys are the key to your full potential as a ninja." Inspired by the speach Daichi worked hard the whole year of the academy and as the final test neared again he realized that he was able to create these constructs of destruction but could not control them still. In desparation he tried over and over again to find a way to control his creations, Trying technique after technique to make his constructs move and failing utterly every time until he finally managed to create the Chakra Line after researching the Chakra Strings of the Puppet Masters of the Sand Villaige. With his new ability he used chakra to move his constructs and graduate from the academy. He goes on into becoming a gennin being new to his own jutsu and not being skilled in its use. But he is however able to manipulat his constructs and use them somewhat effectively for his untrained state.

    RP Sample: Daichi would be on a mission with his team and looking for the ninja that was attacking the person they were protecting. the group came across 2 hallways. His allies ran off in one direction but knowing where the exit was and knowing the best way to get their undetected he ran into the other hallway. As he exited into the back yard he saw the ninja and used clone jutsu to block his exit. Daichi says "Sorry. You aren't getting away that easily. I will stop you and keep you from accomplishing your goal." He would then summon 2 of his droids and used his Assist Droid Trip Wire Strike to trip the enemy following up with summoning 2 rams and had them charge the man. The ninja would make his way towards Daichi throwing shurikens into the droids and rams and then he stabs Daichi Who was just putting down 4 scrolls and summoning something that did not appear. Daichi is revealed to be a substitution and 2 moblie mines crawl up and blow up just out of reach to deal concussion damage and launching him into the wall but did not incinerate him. Daichi then appears from the bushes ahead and said "W-Well that was easier than expected. Now lets see what sensei wants to do with you." He would tie up the ninja and summon one of his spy birds to find sensei and call him to his position. As he waited his allies finally made it and were junped by 2 other ninja they demanded that their target be brought to them for execution. Daichi says "T-Take me instead of them. I will come quietly. and you can use them to get your target." The 1st ninja tried to warn them but the 2 ninja stupidly agreed and let go of their grip on the others asking Daichi to come over to them Daichi saying "I am surprised you fell for that. I thought you were smarter ninja." making his control seal and making the 2 other mines he had hidden appear and grab onto the enemies. As his allies got away from them and Daichi blew up the mines killing the enemies. Daichi then said as sensei arrived "I did not wish to harm them but they left me no choice."

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