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    Pokemon Researcher-Felix Grey


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    Pokemon Researcher-Felix Grey  Empty Pokemon Researcher-Felix Grey

    Post  Dusk_the_hedgehog Tue Oct 16, 2012 12:22 am

    Name- Felix Grey
    Age- 18
    Sex- Male
    Height- 5'11"
    Weight- 160 lbs
    Hair Color- White
    Eye Color- Black

    Class- Scientist


    Pokemon Researcher-Felix Grey  SjlVm

    Spending most of his life studying pokemon from childhood, he has immersed himself in the pursuit of knowledge. He also very much enjoyed the joys of technology. Combining the two, it was only 10 when he first heard of Polygon. A Normal type pokemon that was actually created digitally and artificially. Hearing news of this, he spent most of his days trying to create his very own virtual pokemon. When he was 12, he created his first Polygon called Vertex. It wasn't long before people caught word of such a young promising scientist and spent his days researching other pokemon. For all his computer engineering know how, he knew Polygon still lacked something that the other pokemon possessed. Although it may be a futile quest, he is not one to yield

    Felix's personality can be summarized into two words: Eccentric and Enigmatic. He lacks social skills after spending so much time in front of his books and fails to cohere with modern social paradigms. This being said, most people who know him find him to be charming in his own way. Felix never lies or deceives those who ask him questions. However, he also finds pleasure in making feel uncomfortable and making them feel ill at ease. His blunt and mischievous nature are both what make what many believe to be bi-polar. However, to this day Felix has yet to meet a psychiatrist that can either diagnose or stand him.

    Pokemon- NPC

    First Pokemon
    Pokemon Race- Polygon
    Weight-80.5 lbs
    Type- Normal


    Virtual Pokemon- Porygon doesn't need to eat

    Trace-Trace copies the Ability of the current opponent.

    Download-Download raises either the Attack stat or Special Attack stat by one stage depending on the foe's lowest current defensive stat (i.e. it will raise Special Attack if the foe's current Special Defense is lower than its current Defense stat). If the foe's Defense and Special Defense are equal, the Special Attack stat is increased. During a Double Battle, Download will add the two opposing Pokémon's stats and calculate the lower stat between both.

    Analytic- (Hidden)If the user moves after the target, the power of the user's move is increased by 30%.

    Pokemon Researcher-Felix Grey  Porygon_by_Kairyu

    Data logs show that he was first created six years ago by Felix Grey. Vertex doesn't really have any real pokemon fighting experience; however, felix trained Vertex using simulations and other tests. Although Vertex remembers all that he sees, it has yet to form a proper personality. Felix's datalogs show that he tries a new paradigm everyday and tests whether the paradigm works or not by rerouting the programming within it.

    Sample Rp-
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