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    Allan Richardson

    The Ace Of Spades
    The Ace Of Spades

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    Allan Richardson Empty Allan Richardson

    Post  The Ace Of Spades Sun Oct 28, 2012 6:34 pm

    Name: Allan Richardson
    Age: 16
    Height: 5' 8"
    Weight: 146 lbs
    Gender: Male
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair Color: Brown
    Skin Color: Tanned White (Best way to explain it image is below)

    Appearance: (See Image)
    Allan Richardson Pokemo10

    Universe of Origin: Pokemon
    Species/Race: Human
    Faction/Class: Trainer
    Languages: Human, English
    Inventory: He carries a few items on him to be preparred to heal his pokemon when needed

    1 x Back Pack
    1 x First Aid Kit
    1 x Pokemon Universe Map
    1 x Pokedex
    1 x Pajamas
    1 x Tooth Brush
    1 x Tooth Paste
    4 x Deodorant
    4 x Soap
    4 x Shampoo
    1 x Fishing Rod
    1 x Super Potion
    4 x Potion
    4 x Burn Heal
    10 x Poké Ball

    STRENGTH: 2 (3-1)
    DEXTERITY: 6 (5+1)
    INTELLIGENCE: 7 (5+2)
    WISDOM: 7 (6+1)
    CHARISMA: 2 (3-1)

    NPC/PETS: Magnemite

    Type: Electric/Steel
    Species: Magnet Pokémon
    Height: 1' 00"
    Weight: 13.2lbs
    Gender: Genderless
    Eye Color: Black
    Hair Color: None
    Skin Color: Grey (He is made of metal)

    Appearance: (See Image)
    Allan Richardson 67-mag10

    WISDOM: 4


    Thunderbolt: Pow = 95 Accuracy = 100% PP (Uses) = 15 ( max. 24 )

    Thunderbolt does damage and has a 10% chance of paralyzing the target.

    Protect: Pow = - Accuracy = -% PP (Uses) = 10 ( max. 16 )

    Protects the user from all effects of moves that target it during the turn it is used, including damage. This does not include damage afflicted by weather conditions it is susceptible to, or damage from a status ailment that it obtained on a previous turn. Using Protect, Detect, Quick Guard, Wide Guard or Endure consecutively (not counting turns spent using items) decreases the chance of success by 50% each successful use.

    The following moves cannot be stopped by Protect:

    Acupressure Normal Status
    Curse Ghost Status
    Doom Desire Steel Special
    Feint Normal Physical
    Future Sight Psychic Special
    Imprison Psychic Status
    Perish Song Normal Status
    Psych Up Normal Status
    Role Play Psychic Status
    Shadow Force Ghost Physical
    Transform Normal Status

    Flash Cannon: Pow = 80 Accuracy = 100% PP (Uses) = 10 ( max. 16 )

    Flash Cannon does damage and has a 10% chance of lowering the target's Special Defense.

    Gyro Ball: Pow = Varies Accuracy = 100% PP (Uses) = 5 ( max. 8 )

    Gyro Ball inflicts more damage the slower the user is compared to the target. Therefore, the larger the relative difference between the user's and target's Speed stat, the greater the damage. The base power is calculated by the following formula:

    Base Power = 25 × (Target's Current Speed / User's Current Speed)

    The maximum base power that can be reached with Gyro Ball is 150.

    Personality: Magnemite generally keep to themselves. They are quiet and do not bother people. However, if anyone gets near them with magnets or something that emits large amounts of electricity, they can be attracted to such an object. Magnemite are very neutral, but they are very eager to please their Trainers and will fight hard. If a wild Magnemite is approached, they will usually go away as they don't care for interaction, however, if attacked, they will retaliate with non-damaging moves such as Thunder Wave or Supersonic. If the attacker persists, they will start to use damaging attacks such as ThunderShock or Magnet Bomb, and in extreme cases, Zap Cannon.

    STRENGTHS: Allan is strong willed and will protect his pokemon no matter the danger. He is also a great strategist when it comes to pokemon battles and knows how to make a potential loss turn into a victory using his knowlegde and wits.

    WEAKNESSES: Allan is weak and uses his pokemon to do his battles for him (as all trainers do) but he will jump in front of an attack for his pokemon should they be in danger which causes another issue in the fact that Allan as with many humans is fragile and unable to hold against an attack from an experienced attacker so he tends to get real hurt doing this. (Ex a Ninja or a Pokemon attack.)

    Personality: Allan is kind and smart but kind of cocky and confident in his skill. He is intelligent when it comes to battleing and overall knowledge which makes him know many moves of Pokemon.

    Biography: Allan was raised by an Engineer who worked at the local power plant. His father John Richardson had a Magnezone that used the powers Mirror Shot, Magnet Bomb, Thunderbolt, Protect which he uses to recharge and maintain the power plant. Allan was raised to be nice to others by his father. Allan had a dream to become a trainer in order to know more about Pokemon. One day his Magnezone bred a Magnemite that seemed to be very attached to Allan so his father allowed Magnemite to be his sons Pokemon. However tragedy struck and when his son was ready to go on his adventure his father fell ill. Allan tried to help his father in getting the power plant running but his father knew when his son was 18 that this was not what his son wanted to do. He told his son soon after that he should be living his own dreams. Allan then went off with his Magnemite to explore the world and learn as much as he could about pokemon maybe even become a breeder.

    RP SAMPLE: Allan was walking down a street when a Pokemon Trainer came along and said "Hey are you a Pokemon Trainer! I need to test out my training with my Metang. Are you in?" Allan says "Ok then. I'll battle you. But even if I win I would suggest you keep up with your training. I may just be better than you." Allan would then smirk. As the battle began the trainer would say "Ok Metang Psychic!" and Allan would say "Alright Magnemite Protect and then use Flash Cannon!" Protect then protected him from harm as he shot a Flash Cannon into Metangs face. The Pokemon Trainer then said "Ok I see lets try Mirror Shot." Allan would say "Ah you plan on taking down my accuracy ok now Dodge and use Thunderbolt!" Magnemite would successfully dodge and used thunderbolt which did extra damage as the Flash Cannon lowered his special defense (Which I am guessing would be wisdom here) The Pokemon Trainer would say "Ugh Metang!" Allan would then say "Ok Magnemite now lets do a Gyro Ball to win this!" The Gyro Ball would hit and the enemy Metang was unable to battle. Allan would then say "I think your training went well keep it up." The Pokemon Trainer would then say "But I lost. How did that prove the worth of my training." Allan would say "Well the only reason you lost was because I used protect in the opening round. If I had not done that then my Special Attack would have dropped leaving me with just Gyro Ball which would not have helped me all that much. Then with me using Flash Cannon and then Thunderbolt I had made Thunderbolt more deadly with Flash Cannon and followed up with a paralysis from Thunderbolt made landing Gyro Ball easy and devastating. It was a simple fact of strategy that defeated you and I got to see what your training produced with how well your Metang worked his moves. Keep up the work your training is working and making both you and Metang stronger!" The Pokemon Trainer would say "Thank you. Ill challenge you again sometime you'll see." Allan would then say "I would be glad to accept that challenge." Allan would then say to Magnemite "Ok Magnemite I think it is time to eat!" Magnemite would say "Magnemite!" in approval. (Granted the chance of getting all these effects to work first off is astronomical but this is an example of his strategy if it worked without fail.)

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