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    Kitsui Soma


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    Kitsui Soma Empty Kitsui Soma

    Post  TyraJade Tue Oct 30, 2012 12:31 am

    Name: Kitsui Soma

    Age: 17

    : 5’3”

    : 96 lbs

    : Female

    Eye Color
    : Hazel

    Hair Color
    : light orange

    Skin Color
    : Caucasian?

    Human (ears not always present Razz)
    Kitsui Soma Untitl10
    Kitsui Soma Dfvx10

    Universe of Origin: Fruits Basket

    Species/Race: Human / member of the zodiac (Cat)

    Languages: common, animal, TBA, TBA, TBA

    Inventory: Beaded bracelet (worn at all times)
    Kitsui Soma Bracel10
    Kitsui never wears more than basic padding as armor, and almost never carries a weapon.

    STRENGTH: * * * * * * *
    DEXTERITY: * * * * * *
    INTELLIGENCE: * * * *
    WISDOM: * * * * *

    : Kitsui has spent many, many months in secluded training in order to become stronger. As a result, she is very skilled in martial arts and hand to hand combat. Being the cat, she is also very quick and light on her feet, making her the perfect stealth and assassination type of fighter. Kitsui's strong will and temper helps her to always get what she wants, even if she has to push some people out of the way in order to get it. Kitsui's power is that she is able to erase someone's memory, but only if they are unconscious or asleep and never memories more than a week old. This isn't usually a problem for Kitsui, because if anyone hugs her or finds out about the secret, she has no problem punching their lights out in order to erase their memory.

    : Being the only member of the Zodiac that isn't actually one of the 12 zodiac animals, Kitsui often feels unwanted and inferior, and has issues with her temper. She trains constantly and always seems to get in petty fights, especially with other members of the zodiac. As a result, Kitsui is not very charismatic or good at working in teams.
    As with all Soma family members (zodiac), if Kitsui is hugged by a member of the opposite sex, she will automatically transform into her zodiac animal. Also, for members of the zodiac, external forces of nature often influence them. For example, Kitsui, being the cat, can not perform well in wet or rainy conditions. If she is exposed to the rain or water for too long, she would most likely transform. (For anyone that has seen fruits basket, being a cat also has its own personal weakness linked to the beaded bracelet)

    : When a new member of the Soma family is born, there is always a chance that they may be one of the zodiac. Kitsui was unlucky enough to have not only the Soma family curse thrust upon her at birth, but also to get the worst sign, the cat. Kitsui's family was frightened of what horror's this could bring upon their family, and kept her in isolation. Every day they would check to make sure that she had her bracelet on, and every day, Kitsui would get more and more fed up with them. One day, she ran away to the mountains to train, and nobody heard from her for a very long time.

    Kitsui sat up and shook the leaves out of her hair. Looking up at the sky, she noticed that it was starting to rain. And so begins another day of wonderful training, she thought sarcastically. Why am I even doing this again? No matter how strong I get, I still won't be considered part of that stupid family. Kitsui climbed up the nearby tree and grabbed her bag from the branch where she left it overnight. She looked up at the sky once more with a grimace. "I guess I had better take it easy today" she said aloud.
    She began walking to her normal spot when she heard a noise. Stopping, she turned her head to listen. A rustling sound came from the bush to her left. That had better not be that stinking rat she thought as she prepared to attack. Setting her bag down gently, she crouched to the ground and glared at the bush. Suddenly, a bird flew out of it, heading for the sky.
    Kitsui flopped down to the ground and screamed. "This is so stupid! she yelled to nobody in particular. "I think its about time to pay my good old family a visit." She stood up, snatched her bag up, and began to run. Her feet knew exactly where to take her.

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