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    Zodiac Fushicho


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    Zodiac Fushicho Empty Zodiac Fushicho

    Post  MagusHeart10 Sun Nov 18, 2012 3:59 am

    Name: Fushicho Sohma
    Age: 15 yrs.
    Height: 4' 10 ''
    Weight: 90.8 lbs.
    Gender: Male
    Eye Color: Yellow
    Hair Color: Pale blond with dark purple at the top
    Skin Color: Light
    Appearance: Fushicho has purple hair that fades into blond at the middle. He keeps it short but keeps two long strands of pale brown hair. His eyes are a bright yellow.
    Universe of Origin: Fruits Basket
    Species/Race: Zodiac
    Faction/Class: confused
    Languages: Dragon, Common
    Inventory: He carries a sword, at least two snacks at all times, and other miscellaneous items depending on the general day in his pack. He also collects small charms on a turquoise bead necklace. He deems armor unnecessary.
    Strength: *****
    Dexterity: *****
    Constitution: ****
    Intelligence: **
    Wisdom: *****
    Charisma: ***
    NPC/Pets: None
    Strengths: This is where you put all your characters strengths and/or corresponding powers/abilities.
    Weaknesses: This is where you put all your weaknesses and/or downsides, like phobias or personality problems.
    Biography: A biography revealing your characters life up until they came to be who they are now. Try to be detailed as possible when doing this, it is important to have a background to develop any character.
    RP Sample: Fushicho stared into space as he rested in the shade of a tree.

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