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    Trainer Lilly


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    Trainer Lilly Empty Trainer Lilly

    Post  Freya&Chii Sun Nov 18, 2012 8:15 pm

    [b]Name: Lilly Watersong
    [b]Age: 15
    [b]Height: 5'4
    [b]Weight: 121 ibs.
    [b]Gender: Female
    [b]Eye Color: Blue
    [b]Hair Color: Blue


    Universe of Origin: The Pokemon World
    Race: Human
    Class: Trainer
    Language: English
    Inventory: pokeballs, a furnace, bottled water, a wallet, med kit, Extra Clothes

    Strength: 5
    Dexterity: 3
    Constitution: 3
    Intelligence: 2
    Wisdom: 2
    Charisma: 5

    Strengths: She uses her pokemon to protect herself. Without them she is useless.
    Weakness: When someone flirts with her she is pretty much stunned and doesn't know what to do
    Pets: Vulpix (Fawn)

    About Fawn:

    Strength: 5
    Dexterity: 4
    Intelligence: 5
    Wisdom: 5
    Charisma: 5


    Fire Spin: Using Powerful flames to block its opponent from moving, it then inflicts great damage

    Flame Burst: Releases a steam of fire from its mouth into the air. The flame forms into a ball of fire, which then bursts, Sending multiple streaks of fire at the opponent

    Flamethrower: A long range attack that fires in a straight line, may cause burn

    Fire Blast: Takes in a deep breath and releases a powerful five pointed blast of orange fire from its mouth at the opponent.

    Resistance: Bug, Fire, Steel, Grass, Ice

    Weakness: Ground, rock, and Water

    Bio: Lilly's like began like any typical 10 year old,A beginner. On her 10th birthday her father brought back a pokemon to her called Vulpix. Lilly named her Fawn, because that was the name of her older sister who recently died. They began there journey together. they adventured across dangerous seas' and friendly forest,Horrible enemies and new friends. Winning many badges and battles along as well. From there Fawn was Lilly's best friend and Lilly was Fawns. They would do anything and everything to protect each other. They were both considered unbeatable! Unstoppable! Well....atleast before that girl came....
    Rp Example:

    "Hey! Look at that! Its a Ponyta!" Lilly said cheerfully as she approached the elegant creature. "Vul!" Fawn said happily as it walked around Ponyta. "Stay away from my pokemon you little brat!" A girl said walking up to the Ponyta petting it. "Excuse me! I was just looking at it! Geeze!" Lilly said angrily at the girl. "Well this is my pokemon! You should get your ugly Vulpix away from mine before you scare my pokemon away" The girl snorted glaring at Lilly and Fawn. "This is Fawn! She is the best pokemon partner ever!" Lilly said as Fawn sat net to her foot. "Whatever! Well, I'm leaving now" the girl said as she started to walk away. "Oh no you don't!! I want to battle you!" Lilly said angrily grabbing the girl by her shoulder. "Don't touch me!" She swatted Lilly's hand before turning around, "Fine! I'll battle you!". We both got into our battling stances. "Come on Fawn! You can do it!" Lilly smiled as Fawn jumped into her battling stance in front of Lilly. "Lets do this Vaporeon!" The girl said as her Vaporeon came from its pokeball. "Its a level 100 Vaporeon! Impressive if I do say so for myself" The girl grinned. "A...A....A level 100!! Fawn is only a level 25!" Lilly said feeling less confident. "Ha! This will be easy! Vaporeon water gun!!" The girl said as her Vaporeon used water gun hitting Fawn directly. Fawn flew and hit a tree falling to the ground. "Fawn!!" Lilly screamed running over to the hurt Vulpix. "Well, I'll be off now. I won this battle" The girl laughed. "Oh, by the way, I'm Ginger. I'll see you again some other time Lilly" She laughed as she walked off with her Vaporeon and Ponyta close next to her.

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