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    Chapter 1: The Opening of Worlds


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    Chapter 1: The Opening of Worlds Empty Chapter 1: The Opening of Worlds

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    After the fall of eggmans plans to take over moebius for the billionth time the Dr secluded himself from the rest of the world, disappearing from the eyes of the freedom fighters and seemingly stopping his evil schemes, however his real business was still dominance, but not of this world, not yet anyways.

    Using a chaos emerald stolen during the fall of the space colony ARK, Robotnik was at work with star post inter dimensional technology. This technology had proven itself to be able to reach the far side of their universe in a mere instant, however with the chaos emerald he may be able to jump to another universe altogether.

    After multiple months underground in his hidden facility the doctor would accomplish his task, he connected the star posts to a place where animals were used as pets except with extraordinary powers. There was a crime syndicate here already in place, so the doctor would simply observe and analyze the world for now.

    Meanwhile opening a second star post the doctor would discover another adjacent universe where the world was constantly at war. Seemingly ninja figures like those of his own Iron Dominion covered the world and constantly warred. However there was a more sinister evil that caught the doctors attention. He needed more power to cross over to these universes...he needed another chaos emerald. Although if someone were to open the door from their side he may be able to cross the boundary...

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