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    Sherra the spy


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    Sherra the spy Empty Sherra the spy

    Post  alienatedallie Tue Apr 03, 2012 1:01 am

    Name:Sherra 'Spear-nose' eclipse
    Age: 26
    Eye color: black
    Hair color: Red
    Fur color: Orange

    Sherra the spy Sherra12

    Species:Spear nosed bat
    Faction: The eggman empire
    Language:bat (ultrasonic frequencies) , common
    lazier pen size weapon: makes it easy to cut through anything, both flesh and makes breaking into areas a piece of cake.
    smoke bombs: if shes on the run or gets herself in a tough situation she can use these to disappear
    sticky explosives: she can place these anywhere and set them off at anytime while tracking the enemy that is near.
    Sleep darts: blown out through a metal tube similar to what the natives use. Usually able to knock out an opponent instantly. (Im saying usually because not everyone will be taken out so easily, some can obvi withstand it.)


    Strength: 2 -2
    Dexterity: 2 -1
    Constitution: 4
    Intelligence:5 +2
    Wisdom: 5 + 2
    Charisma: 7

    Biography: Sherra was born in a large family of spear nosed bats in the attic of a abandoned church that has been left un-touched for years. Located within the city of Mobotropolis, with the city being so busy and large, abandoned places like so was a great place for such nocturnal creatures to make their peace during the day and away from the public.

    Being just like any other bat growing up, she didn't warm up to others or really cared to befriend outside of her own kind, she was actually quite the loner herself and would often wonder off alone at night and explore. At the age of 10, late at night after she was fed with the rest of her many siblings she decided to fly off alone without a partner, as usual. Her mother didn't notice her go off alone, and as usual...never does with the amount of children to take care of... Sherra often felt ignored and neglected. But this one night, among others...proved to be different than her usual travels. Screaming of innocents were heard and seen running in the distance, as swat bots sent by the evil robotnic swarmed the city, scattering into all areas, kidnapping the young and destroying those who got in the way. Sherra not knowing what to do thought to turn back, but only to see that her only home was in flames...her only family burning alive in those flames...she screamed for her mother, her father, her siblings...but all that she did was give herself away instead of time to escape. She was kidnapped in the night by one of robotnics robots, and was taken to his lair along with the others who were taken. Some would be raised as new soldiers, those who stood up would be slaughtered on site...Sherra stayed quiet at best, her often quietness served well for herself...and her survival.

    Those who accepted their fate were taken in and raised as soilders, Sherra among others had their memories erased so they could start their life a new under the eggman empire. Sherra served well through most of her life growing up, loyal to the empire, to serving Dr.Robotnic. She was liked for her quietness and great obedience to follow and loyalty. Never turning down a task, always taking orders, and also her adored abilities. She proved to be a very clever specimen as she proved her skills in cracking codes, breaking into areas in secret as she very sneaky, almost unheard. Apart from that...she made a very convincing character, fooling some of even the smartest people. For that, she was made into a secret agent serving the empire, and she loved it.

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