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    Character Creation Guide


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    Character Creation Guide Empty Character Creation Guide

    Post  Admin Mon Apr 02, 2012 1:24 am

    The tutorial below will show you what a basic player card is and how it is filled out. Statistics can be changed by admin and moderators upon your characters creation if it seems to have stats either way too high, or way too low. It is highly recommended you take your time on this and do it in a program where you can save frequently before posting. In order to make your character please look at the corresponding section in Character Creation, under Information and Rules. For example I want to make a moebian, so I go under Moebius: Factions, and Moebius Races. Or a Naruto Character so I look under Naruto: Factions and Naruto: Races. Once finished please post your character in the roster section of the forum under either Heroes or Villains.

    Please look below this post for additional requirements that may be needed and if there are any exceptions for you choice.

    *below traits are subject to racial status

    Eye Color:
    Hair Color:
    Skin Color:

    Appearance: This can be a picture or a description.

    *below are racial, class and extra info

    Universe of Origin: The universe your character originates from.
    Species/Race: Name your race here. If an animal please specify.
    Faction/Class: based on the classes section this can alter your stats and will determine your storyline
    Languages: based on race and intelligence check intelligence chart below for more details
    Inventory: purchased weapons, armour, food, etc all goes here

    *the next 6 stats follow this rule for each, and the values will count toward future stats

    You will be given 24 points to spend on the below stats. No stat can be below 1, this does not include racial bonuses changing the stats.

    EXAMPLE: For my human i put 5 in strength, 5 in intelligence, 4 in dexterity, 2 in wisdom, 3 constitution, 5 charisma. Now you add racial and faction changes, Effectively this could make my stats go below 1, but that's okay because its a racial or faction influence that lowered my stat.

    STRENGTH: how strong your character is (also for melee)
    DEXTERITY: how fast your character is (also for ranged attacks)
    CONSTITUTION: resistance to disease and ill effects (also for health and stamina)
    INTELLIGENCE: determines mechanical abilities and research abilities and language
    WISDOM: determines mental skills and resistance to external influence and conversion techniques
    CHARISMA: determines attractiveness and how personable a character is (also whether your convincing)

    NPC/PETS: this is where you put your npc followers or pets, please don't go over a maximum of 3 at any time. Usually you don't start off with any, but its not against the rules to start with one.

    *Below is other basic parts of the character that are pretty straight forward.

    STRENGTHS: This is where you put all your characters strengths and/or corresponding powers/abilities.

    WEAKNESSES: This is where you put all your weaknesses and/or downsides, like phobias or personality problems.

    Biography: A biography revealing your characters life up until they came to be who they are now. Try to be detailed as possible when doing this, it is important to have a background to develop any character.

    RP SAMPLE: Put your character in a situation and role play them out of it. This will not effect the acceptance of your character, but helps us get a feel of where you are at for role playing.

    *CONGRATS! You now have your basic character set up! It is now ready to post in the roster for approval!

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    Character Creation Guide Empty Re: Character Creation Guide

    Post  Admin Sat Aug 25, 2012 10:59 pm

    Intelligence Language Chart:

    Number you can learn beyond default:

    INT 0-1: 2 languages
    INT 2-3: 4 languages
    INT 4-5: 5 languages
    INT 6-7: 6 languages
    INT 8-10+: 8 languages

    Default Languages for Each Race:

    MOEBIUS: Animals(animal, moebian); human(moebian); robots(moebian, binary)
    FIVE GREAT NATIONS: Each nation speaks that nations language and common.
    POKEMON WORLD!: All humans speak common, and all pokemon speak animal.

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    Character Creation Guide Empty Re: Character Creation Guide

    Post  Admin Fri Sep 28, 2012 12:47 am

    Additional Requirements!

    *These are requirements beyond basic character creation, these only apply if you are making a character in that specific area listed below*


    *Any ninja from Naruto regardless of class or faction. Place below Stats on your character card*

    *Rank your characters skill from best to worst. This does not directly affect your character, but is used for checks against characters with similar jutsu skills*
    You will be given 12 rank points. These can be placed in any of 3 categories taijutsu, genjutsu, and ninjutsu. No category can exceed 10 points, and everyone must have at least one point in taijutsu (otherwise you wouldn't even be able to throw kunai XP)
    EXAMPLE: I have a fast fighter with some ninjutsu but no genjutsu skills. so he will be taijutsu 7, and ninjutsu 5, genjutsu 0. This means he cannot use any genjutsu and has access to mid skill ninjutsu and high level taijutsu.

    Taijutsu: These points determine your taijutsu skill, basically weapons and physical combat.
    Ninjutsu: These points determine your ninja skills, which would be anything non physical and non mind/illusion. Basically anything from summoning to elemental jutsu.
    Genjutsu: These points determine your mind skills and resistances. Any illusions or mind tricks are influenced by this.

    You may have up to two jutsus for each rank in the related category, and of you don't use all 24 jutsu then u can add on later.


    *Fruit basket zodiacs cannot allow people to find out they are part of the zodiac. Or that person gets their memory erased."

    Zodiac Animal: This is the animal you become when you change.
    Zodiac's change when they are hugged by a member of the opposite gender, that's not a zodiac. Or if they are under a lot of stress. ex. snake in snow, or cat in rain

    Zodiac Power: A single physical or mental trait that goes beyond human comprehension. The power must have a strength and a weaknessEx. superhuman strength with an Achilles heel of some sort, change some memories of a persons mind but fall unconscious for a short time etc.

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    Character Creation Guide Empty Exceptions

    Post  Admin Sun Nov 18, 2012 3:18 pm


    *Some Races do not require Factions, or have no options. These restrictions will be stated here.

    Fruits Basket: Does not have Factions, however they can claim a faction in another universe once they discover it.

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    Character Creation Guide Empty Re: Character Creation Guide

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